How and When to Write a Press Release: Best Practices & Tips [+ Free Template]

When it comes to events, product releases or newsworthy projects, press releases can gain a lot of traction in media outlets — as long as they are executed properly. Benefits go beyond brand awareness, as press releases can drive traffic to your website with strategic linking and serve as great targeted link building tools.

But actually writing the press release can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll be explaining how to write a press release and the best practices for knowing when to write one.

When Should You Create a Press Release?


how-to-write-a-press-release-3Typically, there are three main newsworthy categories that will warrant a press release:

  • Product Releases – New products or upgrades to existing products can be great to announce via press release. Industry publications regularly accept new product releases as viewers often want to know the latest trends and technology within their industry.
  • Events – These are perfect for outreach as industry publications are often very interested in important expos, conferences or other events. In addition, the websites of the event often share content from sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Other Newsworthy Happenings – Of course, there are always other matters that may come around. Things like big hires at your company, winning an award or charitable efforts are other great announcements to make through a press release.

If your company can regularly produce valuable content that is relevant to your target audience, you will be able to build relationships with journalists that will pay dividends in the future.

When Not to Write a Press Release

As we’ve mentioned, not all situations warrant a press release. Sometimes other content options are more valuable in that they will reach your target audience more efficiently, and they are more likely to be distributed further.

Press releases are meant to capture the interest of reporters for further investigation. If the information won’t pique the interest of individuals, think twice about whether you should invest time writing a press release or instead spend some time creating content to share on your blog.

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