12 Press Release Distribution Sites

Then comes online visibility. The distributor should be able to enable your brand to reach the websites that matter most to your business. Make sure the package specifically offers reaching your preferred target audience. This will in turn help increase your search visibility.

Research indicates a huge number of customers search online before making a major purchase. The distribution service you choose should have a high search engine authority to increase your opportunity to organically reach your target audience.

A Word About SEO and Press Releases

It might not look like it, but press releases are still relevant to SEO as they are a great first step towards reaching customers. Both through print media and online, such as Google and Yahoo, you can help at the very least generate recognition towards your brand. Readers will convert to customers as they understand the story behind your business.

The key is telling a good story of your business or brand. Stories stick in people’s mind while announcements get overlooked or are forgotten. Try to not turn your company’s story into spam press release by not thinking creatively.

Identify what is unique about your business and story and share it. Keywords help you reach audiences, so make sure to include words your customers would look online regarding your particular product or service. The content you produce is as important as the press release distribution site you are using.

The goal of promotion is to attract, convert and retain customers. A press release can be an ideal gateway to customers. To really capitalize on it you should have a compelling story using the right words to draw attention to your brand or products. Your press release is a conduit to your customers and should be accorded as much consideration as a walk-in customer. Even more so as you are dealing with thousands of potential customers.

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