12 Press Release Distribution Sites


Send2Press[12] offers press release distribution, social media marketing, and press release writing. Businesses can use Send2Press to compile and distribute press releases with the starter package at $89 per post.

The Open Press

The Open Press[13] offers press release distribution for plain formatted releases and also charges fees for HTML-coded releases. This distributor’s prices start with the low price of $ 10 per release and goes up based on the package requested.

Tips for Choosing a Press Release Site

The most important thing while choosing a press release distribution sites is to see whether it caters to your target audience. Do your due diligence by checking out reviews of the distributors, what their online visibility looks like, what their brand engagement is and others. Likewise, look for additional services that can help boost your impact. This includes writing services as well as analytics in terms of reach and engagement.

Equally important, have a thorough read of the terms and conditions. Free offerings can be useful but make sure they are the right fit for your needs. A common pitfall here could be hidden costs they might offer for free, but they might add additional costs along the services to get what you really need.

Remember a press release strategy is not a one-off operation, you need to have a release calendar set to meet your promotional needs. Some might be pricey, but a reliable distributor that delivers on promises made brings more value. Your distribution partner should not be rigid but instead should offer you services to boost your brand. Negotiate hard on allowing links to your website, usage of logo and other points of interests.

Media Pickup

Remember your objective is to create a ripple effect of your message. This is where media pick up comes in play. Media pickup means media deciding to run with your press release. The media which is a third party in this case reinforces and authenticates your brand. Your press release distributor should have a proven track record with media and a history of providing valuable news and information.

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